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Monday, November 10, 2014

Eat papaya to Control Dengue

 Eat papaya to Control Dengue

The State is under the grip of dengue.  Apart from regular medicine, doctors are now suggesting eating papaya to counter the deadly disease. No wonder, the demand of papaya has taken a jump in the market. 
As compared to last year, the cases of dengue and malaria are on the rise. As the blood platelets of dengue patients decrease fast, there is acute demand for blood platelets. Many doctors are now suggesting eating of papaya and drinking of its juices to patients. Many are eating this fruit as a precautionary measure. As the demand is on the rise, its rates too are going high. 

Papaya Increases platelets

Eating of papaya increases the platelet level in the blood. It is a medicinal fruit and has a capacity to reduce temperature during fever.

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