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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Calicut University Results 2019

Calicut University Results 2019

The University of Calicut was established in the year 1968. The University of Calicut is the largest University in Kerala. The University has a number of off-campus centres in neighbouring districts especially KozhikkodeWayanaduThrissurPalakkad and Lakshadweep islands. As many as 373 colleges are affiliated to the University. Of these, 102 are located in Kozhikode district, 83 in Thrissur, 106 in Malappuram, 68 in Palakkad and 14 in Wayanad.

The departments on the campus include Arabic, Botany, Biotechnology, Centre for Women Studies, Chemistry, Commerce & Management Studies, Computer Science, Education, English, Hindi, History, West Asian Studies, Mass Communication & Journalism, Life Science, Library and Information Science, Life Long Learning & Extension, Malayalam and Kerala Studies, Mathematics, Nano Science & Technology, Philosophy, Physics, Physical Education, Psychology, Russian & Centre for Comparative Literature, Sanskrit, School of Folklore Studies, Statistics, and Zoology.

The university campus is spread over around 500 acres in the rural outskirt of Malappuram.

Calicut University results are available on as well.

For more details about the university, please visit the official website at

Calicut University Result 2019
noTitlePublished Date
1III Semester M.Sc. Applied Chemistry (CCSS) Examination 11/2018 15.07.2019
2I Semester M.Sc. Statistics (CUCSS) Examination 12/201811.07.2019
3IV Semester M.A. Political Science (CCSS) Examination 6/201911.07.2019
4VI Semester Bachelor Of Laws (3 Year) Examination 11/201812.07.2019
5I Semester M.Com(S.D.E) Examination 5/201812.07.2019
6IV Semester Bachelor Of Fine Arts Examination 4/201912.07.2019
7I Semester Bachelor Of Fine Arts Examination 4/201912.07.2019
8II Semester M.Com(S.D.E) Examination 5/201812.07.2019
9IV Semester M.A. Arabic (CCSS) Examination 6/201912.07.2019
10IV Semester M.Sc. General Biotechnology (CUCSS) Examination 6/201911.07.2019
11VIII Semester Bachelor Of Business Administration And Bachelor Of Laws (Honours) Examination 11/201811.07.2019
12IV Semester Bachelor Of Laws(Llb)unitary Degree Course Examination 11/201811.07.2019
13VII Semester B.Tech Regular Examination,November 2018(14 Scheme-IET Only)-Result09.07.2019
14I Semester Master Of Laws (CCSS) Examination 11/201808.07.2019
15III Semester B.Sc (Sup/Imp) CCSSUG Examination Nov 201708.07.2019
16III Semester BCA (Sup/Imp) CCSSUG Examination Nov 201708.07.2019
17III Semester Master Of Laws (CCSS) Examination 11/201808.07.2019
18Revaluation Result of IV Semester B.Sc BCA CUCBCSS UG Examination april 201806.07.2019
19I Semester M.Sc. Biochemistry (CCSS) Examination 11/201805.07.2019
20I Semester M.Sc. Microbiology (CCSS) Examination 11/201805.07.2019
21I Semester M.Sc. Human Physiology (CCSS) Examination 11/201805.07.2019
22I Semester M.Phil. Hindi Examination 10/201803.07.2019
23I Semester Master Of Physical Education Examination 4/201902.07.2019
24II Semester Master Of Physical Education Examination 9/201802.07.2019
25III Semester SDE CCSS-UG BCom/BBA Supplementary/Improvement Examination, Nov 201702.07.2019
26VI Semester C.U.C.B.C.S.S.- S.D.E.-B.Sc. Counselling Psychology 

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