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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Online Cast Certificate Verification Validity Application Form BARTI

Online Cast Certificate Verification Validity Application Form BARTI

BARTI Pune 2020 Cast Validation 

Cast Verification Process 2020 - Barti has provided an online application system for Educational requirements Cast Validity document. Using this Online Cast Validity you can Apply For Validity certificate. For this your should have all required documents  along with your Cast Certificate. Also the related links to Check the Cast Validity are given on the page. Just go through the related Links. 

 Compulsory Documents For Cast Certificate Verification Validity Certificate : 

Document Required For Cast Certificate 2020, 2021
  • Original Caste Certificate of the Applicant
  • Certified Copy of Caste Certificate of the Applicant
  • Original Affidavit (In Specimen Form 3 Rule - 4(1))
  • Original Affidavit (In Specimen Form 17 Rule - 14)
  • Certificate by the Principal of College (As per the last para of FORM-16, Rule–14)
  • Attested Xerox copy of identity card issued by the college
More Optional Documents List is Given Below : 

How to Apply Online Cast Validity Barti 

STEP 1 : 

Submit Online Application From Following Given Link & Click on New Registration Option From CCVIS Login Page.

STEP 2 : 

After Submitting On-line Application, you will get an Email From BARTI to activate Account, So Check your E-Mail Account & Activate your Account.

STEP 3 :

Then Login with User Name(Email) & Password Which is Send to your Email & Click on "Create Application" Link given on Left Side of Page.
BARTI Cast Validity Online Application Form

STEP 4 : 
Enter your All Details & Submit the Application. 

After Submitting the Application your get one more Mail from BARTI which will guide For next steps which are given below : 

Caste Scrutiny Committee Office, 

Next Steps to be followed For the Cast Validity Certificate 2020 : -

1. Please fill in details of documents to be submitted along with application using option "Document Details".
2. Please fill in Caste Verification details of your relatives using option "Relative Details".
3. Please take printout of Application Form using "Print Application Form" by "Confirm/Print Application" Option.
4. On last page of your application form printout, you will find a certificate to be signed by the Principal of YOUR COLLAGE / SCHOOL. Please get it duly signed and attested by the Principal.
5. Please get the photocopy of your College Identification Card duly signed and attested by the Principal. This is to be attached with the application form.
6. Please check the application form and details about documents and relatives. If required, the applicant can make changes using “Update Application”, “Document Details”, and “Relative Details” options.
7. If satisfied with the application generated by the system, please confirm your application using option "Confirm/Print Application". Please note that once you confirm the application, you can’t make any changes to the application.
8. Please take a printout of application slip by using “Application Slip” option. The application slip is to be attached to the application form.
9. Kindly attach all necessary documents with the application.
10. Now you can submit the application along with documents directly to the committee. Committee address is mentioned in application form generated by the system.
11. Alternatively you can submit application along with documents to college where you are studying.


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Unknown said...

I am very glade and very thankful for your service . there are so many student in cast NT(B)
they are very far away from cast validity.They are asked bribes by officers. because of you and your
team all this will STOP. And students will get justice . I believe on god like you.
thank again once
KHADE B.B. 8605669823

Sagar G said...

i am engineering student my caste is ESBC maratha,so this online process is for ESBC students also?? can i fill online form???

Kesariya said...

If i fail to furnish the right information in on line cast validity form due to the mistake and this is knew after confermation of the form, in this case can I cancel the form? What is procedure for the same? and after cancellation can i fill up the new form? What is the procedure for this?

Unknown said...

where is UID NO ??????
when i fill on line form

Unknown said...

how to change birth date after confirmation

Unknown said...

Apply Online

urmila said...

I tries to correct password many times but it not done why? my profile is not created

Urmila said...

please guide me how to create profile on above link.......tell me how to crate profile on this barti link

Shetty said...

Hi just read the benefits of caste verification, i have caste certificate from karnataka, whats the link to verify that as in district link it only shows districts in maharashtra..please help

s.r.k. said...


Maaya said...

Can all the documents submitted to the principal of the college and the validation done? Or is it compulsory to submit online only?

Unknown said...

Can anyone please tell me is any fees required for online aplication for caste validity certifcate.?
& after What time period i will get this certificate?

Astel tappa said...

st. joseph jr. college uttan is not there in the list of Thane colleges so what should i do please put it in the list

Unknown said...

how to delete a registration?

Unknown said...

I am receiving "Enter Correct Office Name" repeatedly where I have entered my college address where I am working
Dr. Sharda Gawande


I registered at CCVIS n I got application slip,but there is mistake in course name .WHAT TO DO? Plzz tell me.....

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the steps, this meant a lot to us.

Anonymous said...

muskan khan - original affidavit you will get from a notary i think , form 17 and form 3

Unknown said...

hiii can i get cast validity migrated cast certificate (sc)

Unknown said...

plz email me plz plz...

Unknown said...

plz email me plz plz...

Unknown said...

hiii can i get cast validity migrated cast certificate (sc)

NInad said...

is there any deadline to apply for caste verification

Unknown said...

i want cast validity for election, how to apply, there is no option for election.....

Unknown said...

I will finished all steps but which year proof is reuered

Deoshree said...

I tried new registration many times, but profile is not created....kindly request you to help me with the same...
( )

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I try to fill that form but during filling email username also automatically fill & it says username is not available how to solve that problem plz send me mail on

Unknown said...

not easy 2 create account & should b easy to handle anybody. Resolution is passed by th state cabinet about - once validity done by the patents,not necessary for children 2 do so......y gov. not yet impliment this decision.

Suresh Hindlekar said...


भगवान जी. सुर्यवंशी said...

I am a student of LL.B. First Year Course during this Academic Year 2016-17. In relation to my Caste Validity Certificate my Home District CVC, Latur told that LL.B. Course is not included as "Professional/Managment Course" vide G.R. dated 13/07/2008.

They have advised that the Concerned Dept. i.e. Higher Education, Govt. of Maharashtra, Mantralaya has to the G.R. regading the consideration of LL.B. Course student's Caste Certificate Validity also has to be done. Then only our Caste Validity application will be considered positively for further process neither no. The LL.B. Students should not be held responsible for that matter till the G.R. is issued.

Therefore kindly look into the matter and help to resolve this issue and oblige.

Waiting for your positive response at your earliest.

Kindly do the needful & oblige.

Thanking You.

With regards.
Bhagwan Suryawanshi

rushikesh said...

i have request to you sir plzz inform to me what documnet would be must needed when filling the application form plzz send document list to my email address or some other email is

Unknown said...

if student left the collage after completed education... is there is any way to get cast validate ?? if yes please tell me

Unknown said...

it compulsory to submit online application only?

JEE Mains said...

yes, it is compulsory to submit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

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mani said...

What is link how to fill form

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

How can we change our application form after confirmation???
Can it is right to fill another application form??

Anonymous said...

These steps are only for students. I m a graduate. Name is Eresh Yerukula.I have st certificate (migrated) issued in 2012. I need caste validity for state government Jobs. Do I still need caste validity

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

After online application how many days it will take to get validity certificate in hand.

Unknown said...


Patrawale Laxman said...

Mla Hindu wani caste validity kraychi aahe.mazya ghratil sarvancha t.c vr Hindu wani aahe pn mazya t.c vr Hindu Lingder aahe.kya krave lagel

Anonymous said...

do i need to attach the 100 rupees bond with it?
and what is "Specimen Form 17 Rule - 14"
and "Specimen Form 3 Rule - 4(1)" are. where i can get this form. please reply.

Abhay Kadoo Pune said...

Go to Downloads in barti website for cast verification/validity home page & Download all forms.These includes the form no 3 & 17. Print the contents in the forms on Rs.100/- Stamp papers each.(Only 2 Stamp papers are required,1 each for form 3 & form 17,rest of the data can be printed on plane papers, available at Stamp Vendor)submit both the Affidavits on Stamp papers at e-maha seva centre.The Affidavits signed by Executive Magistrate/Sub Divisional Officer or other competent Authorities will be available on next day. If you can complete the application form and after confirmation, take the print, you will also get the. Form to be signed by college.This print out will automatically contain applicant's Permanent Registration no given by University/You have to take print out of the Application & the slip as well.

Unknown said...

Can I apply for new caste validity certificate though i am having already caste validity certificate which is having spelling mistakes.

Unknown said...

I want My sons cast certificate to be got done. he is 6yrs old and in Std 1.
how I get it online?

Swapnil Jain said...

I m giving for gate exam for MTech admission shall I required the caste validity

Unknown said...

How to select category as scheduled tribe

Abhay Kadoo Pune said...

Search "barti" - Cast verification/Validity.(Babasaheb Ambedkar Reaserch & Training Institute)on Google. The website guides you to how to proceed.list of required documents is also given before that you should have your & your son's Caste Certificate issued by Sub-Divisional Officer or by Executive Magistrate of your Tahasil.

Unknown said...

There no Option to select Scheduled Tribe Category!!!!!!!!??????

Anonymous said...

I have caste validity slip and form where I will find caste validity no. Or registration no. ???

Abhay Kadoo Pune said...

Have you submitted the Application form to the committee mentioned in your form along with required documents & affidavits.etc. If not so,then submit it first. Go to the office mentioned in Application form (Print out of on line Application form & Slip).Take all original documents with you.After submission,you will be given a receipt after paying Rs.100/-. You may also be asked to make some other Affidavit also,which you can get from nearest E-Adhar Seva kendra/Tahasil office. After submission of the form you wait for any queries from committee,if any. Only filling Application form does not mean that you will get the Caste Validity certificate on line.


Anonymous said...

Wat is applicants no and
Designated certified authority

Unknown said...

why there is no opt.for scheduled tribe

Unknown said...

I am from solapur but now i am living in pune permnantly since two years. can i apply for cast validity in pune ? Please reply

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

kindly address the following queries.

I have submitted/ confirmed online my form though I need to add more details regarding my father's qualifications, native place, relatives who have got caste validity done, to name a few.. can I modify my current confirmed form.

if can can I fill in the form again fresh?

is it mandatory to get the the documents affidavit on 100 rs stamp paper and notarize it?

Can I create a fresh id and make a fresh application for that as I cannot edit the existing application now?

Thanks and regards

Unknown said...

My from submit but does not correct name please suggestion me

Unknown said...

Caste validity form application slip please suggestion for correct name

freshreceipe said...

how get gaav namuna 14 bcoz in marathwada it is stop by gov.

Anonymous said...

I had made a mistake in validity documents part of laving certifictae date what is to be done, will it create problem

Unknown said...

How to check cast validity current status

Unknown said...

Site can't open

Unknown said...

My profile is not created due to drafting a text so please mi guide for creating the my profile

shailendra said...

I had submitted all the necessary documents for issuance of caste validation certificate for my daughter on 21st Dec 2017 at sindhudurg committee vide application no. 052920170101000202. But there were no updates from sindhudurg caste validation department. I was trying to call the department on d numbers mentioned on their website and it was observed that the caste validation department does not have direct number to call them. The other samajkalyan dept. Person is denying to call them over phone. It is my humble request to the caste validation committee to update their contact details at the earliest. Mr. Madam from the said department is not picking up his mobile number neither he respond on whatsapp nor through message even after sent the messages. Kindly look into the matter. Secondly request you to confirm that how can we check our application status online.

usps tracking said...

Thank for your writting! It is very easy to understand and detailed. I hope you continue to have good posts like this to share.

DIKSHA said...

my application proposal is in query
Then how to check my application status

Unknown said...

site cant open my application is save iwant to documents details and print the application form

sumitpatere46 said...

How to delete application

Anonymous said...

If I can not produce principal's latter and college I'd card, then what should I do

Unknown said...

if the applicant dosent have no one left .so how should they provide the papers.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what is the link for caste validation form ?

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Anonymous said...

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alex nikol said...



Unknown said...

I need to apply caste certificate for my son who is minor in 11std .
so is the applicant name should be of father or himself .

Unknown said...

I need to apply for caste validity certificate for my son who is in 11std .
should the applicant be his father or he himself .
while applying for caste certificate applicant for his father.
now need to apply for caste validity

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Unknown said...

How to cancel registration

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Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
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VNpundkar said...

Sir I want cast validity certificate but I'm in final year 5th semister of bcom but after final year I want to get the admission for MBA COURSE can I able to fill the form now please reply me

Unknown said...

Hello sir,
I want a cast validity (SEBC) for a gov exam MPSC & UPSC I got a cast certificate but I left my college in 2018 ,but I don't have a college letter, So I requested to you please guide me .

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Anilkumar said...

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