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Friday, March 28, 2014

Train Track builder level 43 Solution

Train Track builder level 43 Solution

Train Track builder Level 43 Solution

Train Track builder is awesome game on windows mobile phone, but many users face a common problem that they stuck on level 43, where 1 additional Train moves in round continuously & collides with our train. Its little bit trick lever with a very few seconds difference you can solve this puzzle.
When other Train is on TOP & start taking 2nd Turn (Downward direction 2nd Boggy of black train) Start Your train after 4-5- try you will get success in your Level 43 Enjoy .. Best Luck.. 

Train Track Builder a addictive & fun puzzle game in which you have to quiz your mind and take your train out of crisis.
This game exercises your response to logical and problem solving ability.

This puzzle game has been in number 1 game for a reason! You won’t be looking for another puzzle game ever!

It is a fun and strategic puzzle that is sure to provide you a spectacular gaming experience. The lives of the passengers traveling in the train are in your hands. Be

quick and alert to lay the tracks correctly so that the train reaches its destination safely.

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