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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Windows 9 A.K.A. 'Threshold'

Windows 9 A.K.A. 'Threshold' 

Windows 9 A.K.A. 'Threshold'  Screenshot

Microsoft toils hard to forgive and forget what became of Windows 8, the software giant is hopeful of basking in the glory of Windows 9, aka, Threshold come April 2014.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014: Clearly pushing through a much needed upgrade to mitigate the poor reception of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to do away with any Windows 8.2, and instead skip straight to Windows 9 also named 'Threshold'. According to prominent Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, Windows 9 will be unveiled in April followed by its official release anytime in 2015 and is an effort to distance the company from the Windows 8 debacle because Windows 8 was not very well received by consumers. The unveiling will take place at the company's Build 2014 developer conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft has not revealed the details of the upcoming OS version as of now, however, according to Paul the new OS would address the biggest criticism of Windows 8, the absence of the traditional start menu, as also reintroduce the old-style desktop originally ditched in favour of Microsoft’s confusing Metro design in the failed predecessor. Windows 9 is also expected to feature Metro 2.0 although its not immediately clear what Metro 2.0 will be exactly

Meanwhile, Microsoft is still on schedule to release Windows Phone 8.1 and a service/feature pack for Windows 8.1 at the Build conference in April.

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