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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Employees reluctant about poll duty 2014

Employees reluctant about poll duty 2014

THE officers and employees posted in the State capital are having stand off against the election duty being imposed upon them for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The main reasons behind this dispute and chaos is the willfulness of not doing the duty as well as lack of administrative farsightedness.
The situation is almost spinning out of controlling with everyone from Secretary to ministers writing to their get the election duties of their close ones cancelled.
The district election officer is nowadays receiving strings of these kinds of letters nowadays. On the other hand the officers posted at the Collectorate are posting a single officer at almost 3 places.
Failing all the bad scenarios is the fact that the first grade officers and their reputation is being put at stake and they are being posted as voting officer.
Women might have been left off from election duties in the state capital of Raipur Chhattisgarh however the scenario in MP is different. It is memionable thai the women employees were freed of election duties during last Lok Sabha elec-tion however this time around the women employees are also being posted in the election duly.
Moreover, the list which has been sent for the posting of women in the election duty consists of wrong address and Lok Sahha area under their name.
Moreover, the Election Commission has clearly instructed that the former and retired army personnel should be kept free of election duties. However in Bhopal the rule is tar from being followed and even the ex-army men are being posted at election duties.
The ex-army men are thus forced to visit the Coliectorate with the circular of election commission. The special thing here is that the officers posted at district and division level are saving their employees from election duty.

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