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Monday, March 31, 2014

OEF Kanpur Medical Doctor Job Vacancy 2014

OEF Kanpur Medical Doctor Job Vacancy 2014

General Manager, Ordnance Equipment Factory, Kanpur will conduct an Interview for recruitment of M.B.B.S. Doctor and Laboratory Technician on contract basis for Combined O.E.& P. Factor}' Hospital Kannur . Required  Qualifications /experience of the posts, date Time & place of Tnterviw is as under :

Post Name : Doctor & Lab Technician

The contract/agreement    shall be entered for 6 months from the date of entering into contract agreement. Period of hiring is not extendable on any grounds. The contract should be signed between the hired professional and MO I/C as per terms and conditions laid down by OFB. A particular individual should not be hired more than once in a calendar year.
The full time hired Medical Practitioner who enters into agreement with the factory will not have any claim or right for his/her continuity in sendee or automatic extension of contract/agreement.
During the validity of the agreement the Hired Medical Practitioner will be at liberty to terminate the agreement for betterment of his/her career or any other grounds by giving 7 days notice to the Hospital. The Hospital can also terminate the agreement at any time during the tenure by giving 7 days notice without assigning any reason what so ever. Agreement shall also be terminated , if the Hired Medical Practitioner is found to be mentally or physically incapacitated or incapable of discharging his duties.
MBBS Degree from MCI recognized medical college of India is the basic qualifying requirement. He should be a registered Medical Practitioner. At the time of entering the contract/Agreement. Medical Practitioner shall produce original certificates of his qualification and proof of date of birth along with character certificates from two Gazetted Officers of the Central/ State Government.
The Hired Medical Practitioner shall undergo a Medical Examination at the Factory Hospital, before the contract is entered into, for his /her fitness to perform the work awarded to him/her.
Normally Sundays and National Holidays ( Republic Day. Independence Day & Gandhi Jayanti ) shall be off. If the Doctor is called for work on these days he will be granted off in lieu of that.
The monthly fee for Hired Medical Practitioner and daily rate of proportionate reduction from the fee in the event of Hired Medical Practitioner absent himself from duties are as follows :

MBBS Doctor - Rs. 39,400/- / Per month

The Hired Medical Practitioner will not be provided with any transport/transport arrangement. The Hired Medical Practitioner will not be entitled for any free medical treatment at O.F. Hospital except First Aid in case of Emergency.
The Hired Medical Practitioner shall attend to all the normal task which any Regular Medical Practitioner is conventionally doing. He/ She will also attend emergencies / disasters and accidents.
The Hired Medical Practitioner shall provide his services as DMO minimum once in a week and he / she will get off the next day as done / availed by regular MO's of IOFHS.
The Hired Medical Practitioner can issue SICK /UNFIT certificates up to a maximum period of 03 days which should be countersigned by a regular M.O. Hired Medical Practitioner will normally not issue FITNESS certificates.
The Hired Medical Practitioner will not have any financial power and shall not perform any administrative work like Pre-Employment Medical Examination etc. The Hired Medical Practitioner shall not make any administrative Medical Recommendations normally, if he does so it should be approved by MO I/C.
The Hired Medical Practitioner will not refer patients to other Hospitals, if he does so it should be approved by M.O. I/C.
The Hired Medical Practitioner cannot write the APAR of any category of Staff.

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