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Friday, March 28, 2014

RTM Nagpur University in trouble as Senate fails to pass budget 2014

RTM Nagpur University in trouble as Senate fails to pass budget 2014

RTM Nagpur University in trouble as Senate fails

RASHTRASANT Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) is in big trouble following Senate members" disapproval to annual budget. This is for the first time in the history of the University that the budget has not been approved. This has put the varsity in deep trouble as March 31 is the deadline for passing of the budget after which the varsity will not be able to Spend money on anything.
Senate meeting, on Thursday, witnessed very unruly scenes with members charging towards the dais, throwing papers, slamming paper weight on the tabic and raising slogans against Vice-Chancellor Dr Vilas Sapkal.
The meeting started peacefully with Dr Maheshkumar Yenkie. Pro-Vice Chancellor, presenting the bud net. Some members expressed their views regarding the budget.
In between. Dr D K Agrawal started reading the resolution signed by 48 members.
It slated thai the members have lost faith in administration of RTMNU. It also staled thai in order to avoid any further damage to the prestige, reputation and dignity of the university, members resolved that the administration of RTMNU under the headship of Dr V S Sapkal should not be permitted to incur any expenditure from public funds in future. The resolution disapproved the annual budget placed by Dr Yenkie. It also disapproved the annual report.
While Dr Agrawal was reading the resolution. Mahciidra Nimbarte opposed it and pointed out that during the discussion on the budget, only issues related it lo be voiced and DO other issues be taken up in between.

The V-C then asked Dr Agrawal [o stop reading the resolutions but Dr Agrawal continued. Dr Baban Taywade interrupted stating thai the resolution bears signatures of 48 members (aeainst 73 members present in the meeting) and these members will not allow passage of the budget. The V-C then declared the meeting adjourned. On this, some members questioned the move.
Sameer Kene. Gurudas Kamdi. Dr Agrawal. Dr Taywade and all Other members marched towards the dais. This prevented V-C. Prove and other officers, from leaving the dais. Some agitators gathered near the table and threw papers, slammed paper weights etc.

Disturbed with ruckus. Dr Vilas Sapkal left hall with l)r Mahesh Kumar Yenkie. Members outside asked their supporters not to leave the hall and said that the fight would continue till every problem was sorted out. When asked about the consequence of the move as regarding salaries, examination work, etc if the budget was not passed before March 31. the members said, it was the university's problem and not theirs.
The members insisted to admit the resolution but V-C was not ready as the same was presented in violation of the rule.
The Clause 25 (a) of Statute 1 of 2001 clearly says that when a resolution has been moved and seconded, it shall be stated from the Chair. All amendments to such resolution shall then be moved, seconded and stated from the Chair. The amendments shall be taken in such order as the Chairman may determine.

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