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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tiger cub from Kanha kept on quarantine in Van Vihar Park | Kanha Park MP 2014

Tiger cub from Kanha kept on quarantine in Van Vihar Park | Kanha Park MP 2014

THE tiger cub brought from Kanha National Park is kept on quarantine for 30 days in Van Vihar National Park. At present, about two tigers are kept in isolation, out of which, one is white tiger, which has been kepi in isolation. Quarantine means a state, period or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed 10 infectious or contagious disease are placed.
The abandoned tiger, which had been caught by the Panna tiger forest officials a year back was brought to Kanha Tiger Reserve rescue ecu-tre and is regularly checked for medical check up. With summer intensifying, however, the National Park is yet to install coolers and green shield veils for the animals. During summer season also, modifications are made in the diet and shelter of the animals during summers. Coolers and green-coloured veils are used to cover the shelters to save the animals from heat stroke. During peak summer season, which is usually in the month of May. water bodies become most important for saving the animals from intense heat and special arrangements are also made for providing protection for the aviation flock as well.
The main focus is, however, given to provide protection for the old lions. Most of the lions in Van Vihar National Park have attained the old age and are hardly visible to visitors even tor a glimpse. Besides this, the lions, which arc there in National Park, have old age problems and are sick most of the time, resulting in confinement of the ferocious species only to its den.
At present. Van Vihar has five lions and six lionesses. Lion's average age is fifteen years and mosl of [hem have attained the average age. Besides this, due to old age. lions are not healthy and agile because of which for the visitors, they are not visible in the open premises. Recently, few lions have died after attaining average age and most of the cases were natural death only. The lions and lionesses were dying after attaining average age of living up to twenty years. The lions and lionesses are mainly brought from circus of different States.

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