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Monday, December 30, 2013

CBSE Will check Students Behavior 2014

CBSE Will check Students Behavior 2014

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) decided to check students behaviour, the parents and teachers have to be more alert on how the pupils or wards behave.
According to academicians of the city, it would make students more conscious of their conduct. Educationists and academicians of Nagpur have welcomed the move. They feel it will definitely help in making students well-behaved citizens.
They have started assessing students' life skills which includes behaviour. Teachers have been provided evaluation sheets on which they will assess and record each student's conduct.
CBSE has decided parameters on which the students" behaviour will be scaled. They include students' relation with their friends, how they interact with their teachers, their performance in class. behavioural problems and Others, Teachers will assess them on these grounds, they would analyse it. tally it and then give marks. This process will surely help in imbibing self control, self assessment, self imposed restriction and other good conduct among the students, says one academician of Maharashtra. 

Most of the schools have implemented the CBSE directives many are in the process of including them. Some of the teachers are not happy with this new venture of CBSE. They feel that it is an addition to their present workload. Secondly this work needs thorough involvement of teachers. Now they have to keep an eye on student activities and record it on the sheets. Based on this record, the treatment to be meted out is decided. The students would either be appreciated or counselled to improve their behaviour.
A Principal of city school feels that it would make students assess meir own behaviour and improve it. The hoard has announced this step to improve students' behaviour and is a welcomed one.

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