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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Problem with LPG (DBTL) Benefit In Vidarbha

Problem with LPG (DBTL) Benefit In Vidarbha 

LPG cylinders under the direct benefit transfer of LPG (DBTL), as merely 53 per cent consumers of the Second Capital have enrolled their names till now. With the last date for registration that is December 31, inching closer, the likelihood of people getting enrolled in the last week of the month appear to be bleak.
It may be noted here that the direct cash transfer scheme commenced in the city from October 1. It was mandatory for all consumers to fill the form for registering their names under the scheme before December 31.
For this consumers were to get two forms from their respective gas agencies. After filling the forms and providing the necessary documents, bank accounts, LPG consumer numbers and Aadhar numbers of consumers would get linked. Once this process is completed the subsidy on gas would be directly transferred to the bank accounts of consumers.
But almost half of the city's consumers have not been able to either get their Aadhar cards or have failed to open bank account. As a result of this consumers would not be able to get any subsidy and would have to shell out exorbitant amount of money for availing LPG cylinders which runs into about Rs. 1,200 per .
City residents have been complaining that they applied for Aadhar cards several months back but despite this their Aadhar cards have not yet been made. Even the Aadhar card website does not display the status of their cards, a few of the consumers have stated.
On one hand where citizens have been left helpless without Aadhar Cards, few banks are also adding to their woes by not opening zero balance accounts, despite RBI's strict directives in this regard.
Shahid Sharif, an expert on consumer issues, said that not merely the government but even the gas companies have been negligent in the case of the direct cash transfer scheme. According to him, there were still many who do not have Aadhar cards and bank accounts despite this gas companies have turned a blind eye.
The government should constitute an implementation committee for the direct cash transfer scheme, so that the problems being faced people could be put forth before the government, Sharif said.
When district supply officer Prashant Kale was questioned in this regard he admitted that more than 47 per cent people in the city have not been able to get Aadhar cards.
Speaking on the issue of extending the last date for registration, he said that there were no directives in the issue till now.

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