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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CBSE OTBA For 3 Subjects Class 11th

CBSE OTBA For 3 Subjects Class 11th

THE CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has released details about the open book exam for the students of class 11 th in three subjects consisting of Economics, Geography and Biology. The section of Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) will be of 10 marks in every 1 selected paper during annual examination.
According to the latest circular of Sugandh Sharma, Additional Director of CBSE. the annual exam of three subjects will be conducted by the CBSE affiliated schools (including 220 ones of Chhattisgarh) as per the previous practice. The question papers will be designed by the teacher of the respective subjects with the prescribe question paper design of CBSE. The question papers in these subjects will have an OTBA section of 10 marks based on one of the open text materials supplied by the board.
The questions for the OTBA section will be supplied by CBSE through Integrated Test Management System (ITMS) during March and April months of the coming year 2014. With the inclusion of OTBA section of 10 marks the weightage of marks assigned to various units of Geography. Economics and Biology will be proportionally reduced. 

It may be mentioned here that OTBA is applicable lo ihe students of class 9th (in all subjects) and class 11 th(three subjects). The question paper in each main subject will have a separate section of 10 marks for OTBA. The OTBA section will consist of text material accompanied by two or three questions based 00 the text. The questions based on the text will be of the current affairs and happenings of the subjects through the various mediums like open ended. extrapolative, inferential and look at personal justifying a point of view.
In fact for solving the questions of OTBA section. CBSE has directed ihe principals and management of all CBSE affiliated schools to give extra 30 minutes to the students of class 9th and 11th. These questions will be a part of total 100 marks formal based question paper. 

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