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Friday, October 25, 2013

State Govt grants permission to healthcare perspective plan

State Govt grants permission to healthcare perspective plan

MAHARASHTRA Government has granted permission 10 perspective plan for establishing healthcare institutions as per census of 2001. Director. Health Services should submit the proposal for funds availability for the construction of every healthcare institution.
The healthcare institutions include Primary Health Center (PHC) and Subcemers(SC). Rural Hospitals(RH). Sub-district hospitals (SDH). Women Hospitals. General Hospitals (GH). Rural Hospitals (RH). Trauma Care Units and Mobile units for all districts of Maharashtra.
Suresh Shelly. Maharashtra's Minister for Public Health said. "The Public Health Department Government of Maharashtra, is making constant and concerted effort to formulate and execute various schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people throughout the state. While imple- morning these schemes, steps are being taken to mark the locations of existing health services and identify the new area where health services are required. This can be easily achieved by preparation of perspective plan.**
The plan will include infrastructure mapping, creating special database by mapping existing healtli facilities, creation of database such as village location and other natural resources database etc. The Additional Chief Secretary. Public Health Department and the Principal Secretary. Planning Department. Govt, of Maharashtra, have instructed Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC). Nagpur for development of Health Geographic Information System, which would help Public Health Department to prepare a District wise perspective plan for a state.
Health department worked on finalizing the methodology required for master plan generation, carried out village wise data entry of the census code for existing health centers, generated unique ID for each PHC/SC.
The plan is to know the details of the requirement of healthcare institution and in what way. If one knows the number of healthcare institution's requirement, still it would not be enough. What is required and in what form, would be counted.
Suppose one PHC is available but there is a load of critical deliveries then those PMC would be provided either expert staff or well- equipped ambulance.
Slietty said, "Basically we are strengthening the public health systems of periphery so that the load of patients would not fall on tertiary care hospitals. If that load is reduced then overhaul healthcare system would sec improvement."
The plan will have special distribution of spec i i» 1 hospitals, PHCs where additional man- power is required. special
distribution of PHC and its service area. Taluka-wise special distribution would be done as per the norm that include villages greater than 25 km from PHC and 6 km from SC, villages covered by SC, and SC where additional manpower is required.
Special distribution of existing health services such as RH. GH. WH. SDH. Trauma care unit, Mobile units.
The number of things that to be taken care of include PHC and Sub-centers by number of villages and population, village with highest population in sub-center, number of villages in PHC.

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