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Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to remove Fear of Mathematics?

How to remove Fear of Mathematics?

How to remove Fear of Mathematics?

MATHEMATICS will not be the killer subject for the students, now. with Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane applying simple methods to improve basic concepts of the students.
Disturbed by the poorcompuialion skills of the students at primary and secondary school level. Wardhane used simple methods for removing the fear of the subject, when he was in Pune. Encouraged by (he success he also applied the same technique when he was in Sangli and now in Nagpur.
The senior would remember their school days when learning tables by heart was absolutely compulsory for ever)' one. It was firmly believed thai if mugging tables even upto 30 or even 25. would make Mathematics easy. The same method was applied by Wardhane. first in Pune. then in Sangli aikl now in Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) schools. The students from several out of 213 schools under NMC arc reaping benefits of the technique.

This is the first step to kill the fear of this killer subject Mathematics. That too without any additional burden on the school teachers. In the next phase, Wardhane plans to remove fear of English, which is considered to be another killer subject for the students.
The method has been named as 'Mission Parivartan". The mission of bringing about the change (Parivartan) is being recognised and appreciated by the teachers, students and their parents. Even print and electronic media have taken cognisance of this change in municipal schools, which were dubbed as the last ground for learning.
In an effort 10 test the impact of his mission Wardhane recently visited a few schools in Hanuman Nagar zone, Nagpur. It was a pleasant surprise for him and others who were present, when alt the students in a Standard IV class were raised hand for solving a multiplication -25927 X 23. Many of them orally completed another multiplication - 36 X 9. Some others in Some NMC School were ready with tables upto 65.
The students, immediately after the prayers at the beginning of the schools, would recite tables upto 30 in chorus. This practice was adopted by all the schools. The teachers were required to recite these tables with the students, to encourage them. The Mission Parivartan was introduced in the beginning of this academic session and the results in some schools, in die middle of the session itself are very encouraging.

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