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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Captcha Cracks Possible!

Captcha Cracks Possible!

Captcha Cracks

A TECHNOLOGY start-up said on Monday dial it had come up with software that works like a human brain in one key way: it can crack CAPTCHAs, the strings of tilled, squiggly letters that websites employ to make users 'prove you are human.' as Yahoo! and others put it. San Francisco-based Vicarious developed the algorithm not for any nefarious purpose and not even to sell, said co-founder D Scott Phoenix.
Instead, he said in a phone interview. "We wanted to show we could lake the first step toward a machine that works like a human brain, and that we are the best place in the world to do artificial intelligence research." The company has not submitted a paper describing its methodology to an academic journal. which makes it difficult for outside experts to evaluate the claim. Vicarious offers a demonstration of its technology at showing its algorithm breaking CAPTCHAs from Google and eBay "s PayPal, among others, but at least one expert was not impressed. "CAPTCHAs have been around since 2000. and since 2003 there have been stories every six months claiming that computers can break them." said computer scientist Luis von Aim of Carnegie Mel Ion University. 

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