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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Homemade sweets, dry fruits, chocolates to be more popular this Diwali

WITH adulteration in sweets threatening to play spoilsports with the celebrations of this Diwali. homemade sweets and dry fruits as well as chocolates have come out as the most feasible and safe alternative among the people of the twin cities (Durg-Bhilai). With hardly one week is left for festival of light and markets are flooded with eye catching boxes of dry fruits and chocolates and have attracted a large section of customers to buy and use as means to share their joy on the occasion of Diwali.
The skyrocketing prices of dry fruits have failed to make any impact on the practice and people still prefer dry fruits and chocolates over the sweets. Due to the popular demand apart from gift stores and grocery shops now the sweets shops have also stocked a huge quantity of dry fruit packets which they brought from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi for selling. owner of one popular gift store in Civilizes Durg asserted that majority of the buyers prefer dry fruit packets and chocolate packets to gift their relatives and friends during the festival of light. Despite of rise in the price of these packets and dry fruits more than 15 to 20%) this year, many of his customers have already purchased in large numbers and some of them made advance booking too.It may be mentioned here that over the past few years, cases of adulteration in sweets especially made of milk have been raised across the twin cities and this year too with the assistance of crime branch, food and drug control department caught 600 kg adulterated khova near Durg city. These incidences discourage people to buy milk sweets and then they prefer dry fruits and chocolates as alternative option. "Dry fruits have many advantages as it can preserve for many weeks too and they are natural so the chances of adulteration here is also very less as compared to the milk made sweets" siated 

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