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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HC expresses doubt over variance in NU documents

HC expresses doubt over variance in NU documents

Justice Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Justice P R Bora, at the high court here, heard the bunch of writ petitions filed by the managements of the 250 banned colleges and the issue of the permission to the students admitted by them to appear in the examinations for over little an hour, but real and substantial progress could not be made as the court noticed that the data in the charts prepared by the RTM Nagpur University and the originals of the same produced before the court, which were kept in a sealed cover in the court registry and opened after few days are at variance with the official copies of those documents made available to others With a view to set these doubts at rest, the court has given time till 2.30 pm tomorrow, to Sunil Mishra, who appears in person, to compare the copies of the "originals" with the court and the copies made available to him and report to the court, because his persistence in casting doubts on the intent of the varsity officials is much more than any one else.
After the departure of Dr V S Sapkal from the varsity scene, now there appears to be virtually very little or no difference between the two sides and they want permission from the court for more than 6,600 students to appear in the examination, by way of an order by it.They appeared to be tired of hearings now. On the other hand, the court pointed out again that it is not getting proper assistance from the university. The court stated that it is talking about those, who have given or giving instructions to the varsity counsel, which are not proper and adequate.
The varsity counsel intimated to the court that all the charts containing data regarding 250 colleges were prepared by its deputy registrar (College Section), Ramesh Bhelawi on the basis of the data compiled by the 12 clerks working under him from the 250 files with the university office. Now the university has nothing barring these charts to show, which it had produced before the Academic Council on March 4, 2014, in its meeting for taking decisions.This was teamwork by the RTMNU office staff, giving rise to it presumption of genuineness.These charts were prepared after following proper procedure.These charts were prepared after the court"s order of February 28, 2014.The court was informed that the compiled data-the basis for preparing charts is not available for perusal.
Advocates B G Kulkarni and others appeared for the petitioners.Senior counsel A M Gordey with Adv. Sudhir Puranik and other counsel on the panel represented the RTM Nagpur University.

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