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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Delhi University - Attendance hassles plague DU students

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 Attendance hassles plague DU students

With Delhi University’s (DU) semester exams just two days away, many have suddenly sat up and taken notice that they are short on attendance. Those with less than 40% attendance will be detained in the first semester. However, if the student’s attendance falls between 40-66.66%, then a bond will 

be signed and he/she will be permitted to sit for the exam.
At the end of the second semester, an aggregate of the first two semesters’ attendance will be taken and if it is less than 40%, then the student will be made to reappear for the second semester in the following academic year.

Colleges, therefore, have begun to keep a strict check on the medical certificates coming in this semester. “Students had been made to sign an undertaking during admission with regard to attendance. If a student takes leave, then he/she will need to produce the medical certificate within seven days of joining college. So students who are submitting medical certificates now want to simply improve their attendance record. These cases are not being considered,” said IS Bakshi, principal, Dyal Singh College .

Students however, have expressed disappointment at the lack of preparation time provided to them by DU. “We have been given just three days to prepare. So we need to take leave sometimes to prepare for these exams. The only option left to us is producing a medical certificate,” said Isha Dutta, a student of Lady Sri Ram College.

Some colleges, however, have reported a positive attendance record. “This year, there have not been too many medical certificates unlike other years. This shows that not only has the attendance situation improved, but students are also taking the semester system very seriously. The kind of laxity seen under the annual system has come down,” said Vinay Srivastava, principal, Hindu College .

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