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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Delhi- Day 1 of semesters: Confusion over attendance

From Indian express 

New Delhi Confusion reigned on the first day of the semester exam in Delhi University with many colleges unclear about the minimum attendance required for students to appear for the exams.
While the University says it has made it clear that 66.67 per cent attendance is mandatory for students to appear for exams, colleges following the earlier rules, have allowed students with attendance between 40 and 66.7 per cent to appear for the exams.

Earlier, in the annual mode of teaching colleges, could let students with attendance between 40 and 66.67 per cent to appear for exams if they submit an undertaking that they will make up for the lost attendance in the next year.

While, at most colleges, students were informed on the eve of the exam that they had fallen short of ‘requisite’ 40 per cent attendance and hence cannot appear for the exams, others following a different criteria allowed students to appear for the exam.

At IP College around 10 students were detained for attendance less than 40 per cent, while others (with 40-66.67 per cent attendance) were allowed to write exams after submitting an undertaking.

Dyal Singh College, too, has decided to, not allow students with less than 40 per cent attendance to sit for exams. “We have not yet finished tabulating the attendance so students who wrote their exams today were given admit cards on the condition that their results will be withheld if their attendance falls short of 40 per cent,” said Dr I S Bakshi, Principal of the college.

Meanwhile, at Ramanujan College no student was held back for lack of attendance. “We have allowed everyone to write the exams. We’ll evaluate the attendance in the next semester,” said Dr S P Aggarwal, Principal of the college.

Zakir Husain Evening College said it had decided to detain only those students who had below 30 per cent attendance. “The University has only issued a guideline saying students with less than 40 per cent not be allowed to write the exam. It is not a rule, and hence colleges can use their discretion. We have detained 39 students below 30 per cent attendance,” said Principal Dr S A Hamideen.

DU’s Dean of Student Welfare Dr J M Khurana said: “The amended ordinance of the University clearly stated that attendance in two-thirds of all lectures and practicals is required. The old rules stand annulled in the face of the amended ordinance. Those who have less than 67 per cent attendance will be readmitted next year and will have to attend classes again.”

Students thus detained will retain their original University roll numbers and won’t have to seek fresh admission based on cutoffs next year, Dr Khurana added.

Confusions over the duration of Reading Gandhi paper and marks caused panic among students. A three hour and 100 marks paper had two hours and 50 marks printed on the question paper.

“By the time we got the notification from the University students had handed in their papers and left, ” said Vinita Chandra, Associate Professor at Ramjas.

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