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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Solapur University March 2014 Result MSW, BA, BCom, BSc, BCA, BBA

Solapur University March 2014 Result MSW, BA, BCom, BSc, BCA, BBA

1.Student cannot seek admission to higher course part term on basis of result information  displayed.
2. These marks/Grades and result information must not be treated as final or valid Statement of Marks.
3.The information given here may vary from actual result, do not consider this as final.
4. This should only be treated as a tool to provide information to you conveniently.
5. In case of any query, please contact university authorities for further clarifications.

                   FACULTY OF ARTS
 1.M.S.W. -Regular-Pattern 2010 -MSW-I-Sem_II
2.M.S.W. -Regular-Pattern 2010 -MSW-I-Sem_IV
3.M.S.W. -Regular-Pattern 2013 -MSW-I-Sem_II
1) F.Y.B.Sc -(ECS)-Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_II
2) T.Y.B.Sc -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem VI
3) F.Y.B.Sc -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_II
4F.Y.B.Sc -Regular-Pattern 2013 -Sem_II
5S.Y.B.Sc (ECS) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem-_IV
6T.Y.B.Sc (ECS) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_-VI
7F.Y.B.Sc (Bio-Tech) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_- II
8) T.Y.B.Sc (Bio-Tech) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_- VI
9) S.Y.B.Sc (No Branch) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_- IV
10) S.Y.B.Sc (Bio-Tech) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_- IV

11) S.Y.B.Sc (Entrepreneurship) -Regular-Pattern 2010 -Sem_- IV

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