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Monday, August 4, 2014

First Eco Friendly Bus in Nagpur From Sweden

First Eco Friendly Bus in Nagpur From Sweden

First Eco Friendly Bus in Nagpur From Sweden

THIS may be great achievement for Nagpur - Orange City, as Central Government has selected Nagpur for plying of green technology based buses on pilot basis. A fleet of five buses will be given by Sweden based Scania Group to Nagpur. The first bus of this fleet has arrived at Nagpur from Bangalore and has been kept at Wadi Octroi Post. The bus is likely to hit city street on August 16.
Mayor Anil Sole received first bus at Wadi Octroi post. He told medi-apersons that Union Surface Transport Ministry headed by Nitin Gadkari has selected Nagpur for plying these buses on pilot basis. The 37 sealers, and 12 standing capacity bus is equipped with modern technology, hydraulic system and is extremely user friendly and pre-programmed to help the senior citizens and commuters with physical disability.

The bus has four cameras on back and front side to capture all images. The camera has capacity to create backup of four days. The remaining four buses will arrive within three months. The Scania Group has donated these buses to Nagpur. The company will maintain these buses for next three months. The company will give training lo drivers for riding ihis ultra modern bus on city roads. Till ihen. ihe company's driver will operate these buses.

 As an ethanol manufacturer, Scania were in touch with us. They sought our support which we agreed to offer. Therefore, the transportation documents were made in the name of our group for logistic reasons and not from the point of view of ownership or operation purposes. 

Presently, the Local body is trying to get permission for fleet from Regional Transport Office (RTO). Transport Committee headed by Bandu Raul will look after these buses.
The company will arrange ethanol for operation of buses for three months, later. the local body will call tender to supply ethanol from manufacturers and suppliers.

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