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Sunday, April 6, 2014

SGAU Amravati University Senate rejects panel's report about alleged abuse of power by V-G

SGAU Amravati University Senate rejects panel's report about alleged abuse of power by V-G

THE Senate of Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University (SGAU) on Saturday rejected the report of Fact Finding Committee in the case of alleged misuse of power by Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohan Khedkar for increasing the marks of his daughter. The report had levelled allegations against the V-C and many others officials of varsity on prominent posts guilty in this case. The report was rejected by senate by 30 against 16 votes while 18 members preferred to be neutral during voting.

The committee appointed by Senate of SGAU in the case of increase in marks of daughter of Dr Khedkar had termed Dr Khedkar guilty in (his case. The committee also had named seven other officials of university inihe inquiry report of this case. The report of Fact Finding Committee was presented before Senate on April 28 while discussions were postponed till today.
A few months back, it was disclosed that marks of Mnmal Khedkar were increased in one of the subjects of ME in Digital Electronics. Senate of SGAU had appointed a committee for its inquiry. It was alleged that Mrunal Khedkar tallied her marks in the cabin of Assistant Registrar and violated the University Law.
According to reports. Committee had pointed that there were irregularities in entire process of revaluation and has found V ice-Chancellor guilty.
The repon was rejected on Saturday by 30 against 16 votes while 18 members of senate preferred to remain neutral. As the discussion started Dilip Kail u objected that allegations of the Faci Finding Commitlee do not have base of any law while CD Deshmukh termed the report as absolutely right. Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion Dr Subhash Gavai said that there are several irregularities in the report. Fact Finding Committee did not give opportunity (o V-C Dr Khedkar to put his side which should have been done according to the rule of natural justice. The report does not have signature of Secretary.

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