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Thursday, April 17, 2014

RTMNU avoids placing correct picture, observes HC

RTMNU avoids placing correct picture, observes HC

MAKING it quite clear that the High Court never prohibited admission to students by the 250 banned colleges or conducting examinations under Nagpur University. Justice Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Justice P R Bora, on one hand cleared a lot of confusion in the academic circles over these aspects and also commented on the other hand, with a lot of anguish that despite being given several opportunities to place correct picture on the issues involved, the RTMNU administration deliberately avoided lo come clean. After lengthy hearing, the Court passed an interim order and besides other things imposed fine of Rs 101 on each RTMNU officer, who were party to such an exercise, payable to die Legal Services Sub-Committee of the High Court.
Continuously second day running, the Court conducted hearing of a bunch of petitions by 250 college managements, whose admissions to students were not processed by the University and these students were not permitted to appear in the examinations, as these colleges were found, not having even single qualified teacher. After hearing, the Court interim order dealing with certain off-shoots of the controversy before it and left remaining issues for further hearing, consideration and appropriate directions to the hearing on April 24 next.
After the petitioner, Sunil Mishra reported to the Court, in compliance with its order, that there have been several differences between the contents of documents given to the High Court on March 6. as originals of the material placed before the Academic Council, in its meeting of March 4 last and the copies of those documents given to Mishra. the Court tried to go to the roots of the allegations including the one by Mishra, that the charts containing the data regarding these 250 colleges were not prepared by the university administration. Those were prepared by the members of the Academic Council themselves in the manner, which suited them most.
During the hearing, it was also said that the university officials could not have prepared such charts at such a short notice and these could not have been verified by the two Academic Council Members. Dr Deshmukh and Meghe. within 45 minutes period of adjournment, between two sessions of the Academic Council meeting on March 4. 2014.

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