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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nagzira Tigress Reaches to Umrer

Nagzira Tigress Reaches to Umrer 

A RESIDENT tigress of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary in Gondia district has recently crossed a distance of over 75 km through Likhni. Adyal. Paoni and Bhiwapur jungle to reach to Umrer-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagpur district. The movements of the big cat have been captured in the camera traps installed at Purkabodi and other areas in territorial division. It is said that the young tigress is moving in search of a companion.
It is for the first time that the Territorial division of Forest Department has recorded movements of the tigress and traced the path. The Department identified Nagzira tigress by matching its stripe pattern.
As many as 36 camera traps have been installed in Bhandara territorial areas while the work of installing 40 camera traps is in progress. The department plans to install around 80 camera traps in Gondia and Wardha divisions.
Shailesh Tembhurnikar, Chief Conservator of Forest, Nagpur Circle, who checked the pictures of the tigress in the camera traps, said that he issued necessary instructions to the field staff members to increase monitoring in the corridor from Lakhni to Umrer. The camera traps also captured the pictures of leopards in March. Moreover, movements of herbivores such as deer, blue bull, wildboar are also captured in this path, indicating a good prey-base for the carnivores. It is interesting to know that the movement of "Jai" tiger from Nagzira was also captured in the camera trap a couple of weeks ago while movement of another tiger was observed during monsoon. The male female ratio has disturbed in Nagzira and hence it is said the big cats are shifting elsewhere to satisfy their physical urges.

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