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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Madras Cafe 2013 Story Details, Film Review

Madras Cafe 2013 Story Details, Film Review 

Madras Cafe 2013 Story Details, Film Review

Obviously il is the scrip! that is the real actor in Madras Cafe. Shuhendu Bhattacharya and Soninath Dubey's efforts at die painstaking and detailed research and weaving it into an intriguing plot have paid off. And the man at the helm Shoojii Sircar tries his hand at a completely different genre this time and depicts in a very poignant manner the Civil War and its consequences. From the opening sequence - the brutal gunning down of the bus passengers - irrespective of their age and gender to the last scene when the hero is shattered because he was so close and yet so far - Madras Cafe is taut and tense.
What also works big time for the film is that each actor becomes the character. John Abraham, the RAW agent is an ordinary human being, he is a hero who does not take on the mantle of a superhero- jumping from buildings, and doing superhuman stunts that defy logic and gravity. H is under-slated performance pays off and he is a delight to watch. All the other actors fit their role to the T.
Cinematography is top notch; editing is super sharp and thankfully there are no songs to interfere with the flow of the movie. Madras Cafi is high on octane - of the mental kind -effective, powerful and forceful.

Note: Read about Sri Lankan War before you watch Madras Cafe so that you are in sync with what is happening on the screen.

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