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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nagpur University Carry On Issue Students Striking

Nagpur University Carry On Issue Students Striking 

RTMNU said that the professional courses like Engineering and Technology. Pharmacy. Architecture are run on the basis of rules framed by the respective apex bodies. These apex bodies include All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for Engineering. Pharmacy Council of India (PCD for Pharmacy, Council of Architecture (COA) for Architecture. National Council for Teachers' Education (NCTE) for BEd. If the university violated the rules framed by these apex bodies then the degree does not get permission from these bodies. It may affect students' career.
Striking all these points, RTMNU has refused to give green signal to Carry On.
Some of the political leaders, on condition of anonymity, that they do not favor Carry On as it would degrade the quality of education and students may not clear the examination years together. However, they said that they cannot oppose the demand as their students' wings are demanding Carry On.

One leader said. "It" Carry On system is brought then it would degrade the quality of education. Especially society expects something qualitative element from profession education. Barring some colleges, most of die colleges have secured lower position as far as results are concerned. This would make them getting less number of students in higher class. To find solution to it. the idea of Carry On started taking shape. The students even though fail. he/she gets Carry On and get admitted to higher class. In die year 2002, such agitation was observed by the university bin the Government with firm stand had made it clear that Carry On could not be allowed as it hampers the quality of education. How can a failed student be pushed to higher class?"
This leader congratulated the university for taking firm stand and not falling prey to students agitation.

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