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Monday, March 4, 2013

RTMNU action against Ballarpur college challenged: Court's notice

RTMNU action against Ballarpur college challenged: Court's notice

JUSTICE Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Justice Prasanna Varale. at the High Court here, have ordered notice to the respondents - RTM Nagpur University Registrar and one of its Senate members. Sameer Kene. a resident of Ballarpur. to show cause in two weeks, in reply to the writ petition (lied by Guru Nanak Sewa Samiti. Ballarpur and its college. Guru Nanak College of Science against die University's order of December 18. 2012 communicated to the petitioners. Through the impugned order,the University has directed the petitioners to return the alleged excess fee to the concerned students within one month and tor indulging in alleged irregularity in collecting excess fee. The fine of Rs 50.000 has been also imposed on the petitioners. The petitioners have alleged that the University has issued this illegal order at the behest ol iheSGflttC Member. Sameer Kene. as the petitioners have not accepted his illegal demands.
The petitioner-institution had levelled serious allegations of black* mailing, corruption against said Senate member and also annexed a video-recording of high-handed and rowdy behaviour by Kene wherein the police personnel stood as silent spectators.
For the first year the students were asked to deposit Rs 16.500 as fees while second and third year students were asked to pay Rs 12.500 fees. The institution claimed dial Kene wanted the college to reduce the fees and later demanded an unofficial admission quota for himself, extraneous coaside rat ions and indulged in vandalism, when the said audacious demand was turned down.
The institution claimed that no student had lodged complaint against excess fee and accused Kene with lodging a false complaint, abusing his position as Senate member and forcing university to act against them. The institution has urged the High Court to set-aside decision of the RTMNU based on findings of the panel directing it to refund excess fees charged from students.

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