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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RTMNU University Exam 2013 What Sections 8 (4) and 71 say

RTMNU University Exam 2013 What Sections 8 (4) and 71 say

What Sections 8 (4) and 71 say
IN the GR dated March 20. 20I3. the Government had made it clear that using the powers under Section 8 (4) of the Maharashtra Universities Act. 1994. it is directing universities to hold the examinations. Dr Pramod Yeole read out the Section for members. It says. "In case of failure of the university to exercise powers or perform duties specified or where the university has not exercised such powers or performed such duties adequately, or where there has been a failure to comply with any order issued by the State Government, it would issue a directive to the university for proper exercise of such powers or performance of such duties or comply with the order, and it shall he the duty of the university to comply with such direction. It further says that in case the university fails to comply with the directives, the State Government shall call upon the university to give reasons. If the State Government is not satisfied with the explanation, it may refer the matter to the Chancellor for necessary action.h Adv Manmohan Bajpai asked that whether university had submitted the report as per Section 71, the RTMNU remained unanswered. Section 71 says. "In case the university is unable to follow this schedule due to reasons and circumstances beyond its control it shall, as soon as practicable, submit a report to the Chancellor and to the State Government incorporating the detailed reasons for making a departure from the published schedule."

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