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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Download KYC Form for LPG

Download KYC Form for LPG 

Gas Cylinder KYC Form Download Online For Bharat Gas, HP Gas, Indane Gas Connection, Apply Online For KYC Form LPG Gas 2012 

Process flow :-
1. KYC form duly filled in with all details if not submitted earlier. In case of change in address, copy of proof of address to be cross checked with original.
2. The distributor shall check the consumer number and name and tally the signature with the SV if available or take a proof of identity. Distributor shall also check the KYC form for its completeness.

Download kyc form for LPG

HP Gas, Bharat Gas Indane Gas KYC Form Download


Anonymous said...

Kindly provide the list of customers who have to submit the KYC form to the gas agency where they have registered.

Vivek Karunakaran said...

Please publish the list of customers who have to submit the KYC form.

Anonymous said...

very helpful .. u made my day .

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