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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Man arrested for buying gun online

Man arrested for buying gun on-line

A 22-year-old youth from Coimbatore was arrested by the Chennai police on Tuesday night after he made an online purchase of a gun from the USA "for recreational use". The parcel containing the revolver-type gun arrived last week at Chennai airport from the US. After forensic experts in the city said it was a firearm, the police arrested and remanded the youth, the son of a man who runs a jewellery-making unit at Vadavalli.
The parcel that arrived through the postal service attracted the attention of officials at the airport cargo after they found that it was a gun. The post officials, while re-booking the parcel to Coimbatore through a private flight service, noticed it contained a gun after it was scanned. The parcel was addressed to R. Suryadevan and the officials contacted him over the phone to know the contents of the parcel.
He reportedly told them that he had ordered recreational equipment online.
But the postal officials, after consulting the police, decided to send it for forensic examination by experts who noted that at close range the gun could cause irritation or injury when used. "The forensic report said it was a firearm under Indian laws," a senior police officer said.
"Accordingly, Suryadevan was booked under Section 29 of the Arms Act for knowingly purchasing a firearm though he was not entitled to possess one," a senior police officer said.

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