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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Amazing SpiderMan 2 Reviews Story

The Amazing SpiderMan 2 Reviews Story

MEN Mark Webb first helmet the rehashed version of Spider Man 2 years ago, he received a lot of flak from audience sand critics alike, for bringing forth the most loved superhero in a new formal. Even lead actor Andrew Garfield faced criticism for playing the most popular Marvel character, which Toby McGuire had already immortalized on the screen. But Webb cast such a spell that audiences were nothing but enthralled by the 'amazing' Spiderman. This year Webb returns with another installment in The Amazing Spiderman franchise, which sees Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone and Sally Field reprise their roles as Peter Parker. Gwen Stacey and Aunt May respectively. This time though. Peter has a more "power" ful nemesis to lake on.  The Amazing Spiderman 2 begins with Spidey chasing a Russian foe. while Gwen is wailing for Peter to be in college for their graduation ceremony. Peter makes it just in time, but recalls his promise made to a dying Captain George Stacey. to keep his daughter Gwen out of all the mess. Peter does a rethink about their relationship, but he is required to return to his 'job'. Peter saves the day for an ordinary OS Corp employee Max Dillon Jamie Foxl. who. in an instant, lakes a liking to the superhero and gets obsessed with him.
Meanwhile. Norman Osborn. Os Corp's CEO. on his deathbed, hands over his life's work to his son Harry, whose UNA is also compromised in the process of making regenerative cells. In the Os Corp lab. Dillon accidentally falls in a large canister containing bio-engineered eels and is mutated into a living electric generator. He unknowingly ereales a blackout in the city by a mere touch and throws life out of gear. Spiderman comes to the rescue but feeling betrayed. Dillon in a fit of rage, destroys half the city with his 'power'. He is later sent 10 Raven croft Institute for the criminally insane.Parker meets with his childhood chum Harry at his Os Corp office and realities Harry needs Spiderman's blood to stop him from transforming into a genetically altered monster. Peter hides his identity from his friend and so he now has another enemy up against him.
His promise to Captain Stacey makes him break up with Gwen. who is till to England for her higher studies. A lonely Peter discovers that his dad Dr Richard Parker left him to tend for himself at 6 years of age in Aunt May and Uncle Ben's care because Norman had plans of creating bio-genetic weapons, which Parker Senior was totally against. Peter also finds out that only the Parker bloodline can reap benefits of the engineered spider venom, which had been altered in the lab by his father years ago. A revenge-seeking Harry frees Dillon (now calling himself Electro), and both wreak havoc in the city. Electro causes another blackout and Gwen and Spiderman now have to tackle the crime.

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