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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

M-Indicator Local Train Timetable App Download

M-Indicator Local Train Timetable App Download Blackberry, IOS, Windows Phone, PC

Mobond launched first free product m-Indicator in May 2010. Mobond is a combination of two words 'Mob' and 'Bond'. The name suggests its aim is to 'bonding the mob' or 'bonding the angry crowd'. Mobond is dedicated to build software products which will be useful to masses. We regularly collect transit data from cities and towns in India. Our aim is to provide updated travel information to commuters. 
m-Indicator shows rail alerts,  rail maps and railway information. The additional features include bus services, auto and taxi fare calculators. The application lets you choose two initial starting points and two destinations and provides names of stations on the western, central, harbor, Thane-Vashi railway lines. It is a very handy application and smooth to use. Though the ads are a bit annoying, but the fact is this is one mobile application which almost every Mumbaikar has and will recommend you have one too.  So, next time if you plan on being in Mumbai and would like to get a taste of the ‘Mumbai local’ experience then we suggest you download this app too.

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