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Monday, March 16, 2015

WhatsApp voice calling Free Call in India

WhatsApp voice calling Free Call in India

While several online reports have claimed that the voice calling feature on WhatsApp has arrived, there is no official announcement or confirmation from the company. Several blogs suggested that users need to download the latest version of Whatsapp or get version 2.11.528/531 to activate the feature. However, this may not work. Even newer versions like 2.11.561 is yet to get the feature. So, upgrading to the latest version will clearly not work.
 WhatsApp voice calling Free Call in India

Another round of online reports informed that users will only get the calling feature activated on their accounts if someone makes aWhatsApp call to them. Suggesting that an invitation is required.

For the record the latest version of WhatsApp (as of March 14) is 2.12.7. You can download it from the website and insatll the apk file. However, you will need someone (who already has the feature) to call you to activate it on your device.

So, if you haven’t received the calling feature even after updating to the latest version, it’s better to forget about it for the moment and wait for the official announcement. When WhatsApp announced its WhatsWeb, the feature was available across all versions. So, we can expect the same this time for voice calling.

 Ever since WhatsApp has announced a phased rollout of its WhatsApp calling feature, WhatsApp users across the world are eagerly awaiting a invite to enable this feature. We at Techworm bring you two latest ways to enable WhatsApp calling without an invite. One works with rooted Android smartphone and for the other to work you need a non-rooted smartphones.

The non rooted method works for those who have not rooted their Android smartphones but you need to have some basic knowledge of working with Android decompiler.
Enabling WhatsApp on unrooted Android smartphones
This is the latest method which was posted by Senior XDA member, mohamedrashad and works beautifully. Also for this method you do not have to root your Android smartphone to enable the feature.

However, as said above, you need some basic knowledge of decompiling and editing .xml files and also --this method makes the calling your home for WhatsApp forever.

 Download link: WhatsApp 2.11.508.apk
XDA WhatsApp APK download link  : WhatsApp-com.whatsapp-450258-v2.11.505.apk
Steps on how to get WhatsApp Calling on your smartphone (Without root).
Important : Do not install the downloaded Apk till you have gone through all the steps below
Step 1: Decompile WhatsApp (the present WhatsApp App on your smartphone)
Step 2: Open AndroidManifest.xml

Step 3: Search for the following code >Head over to XDA forums if you want a detailed tutorial of how to do it
Note: If you receive a message from your friend, which states, ’Hey, I am inviting you to try whatsapp Calling click here to activate now—> http://WhatsappCalling(.)com’ beware its a scam

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