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Friday, December 5, 2014

Maha Agri FARMERS MARKET (SHETKARI BAZAR) 2014 - 2015 Details

Maha Agri FARMERS MARKET (SHETKARI BAZAR) 2014 - 2015 Details

farmer has no say while fixing price of his produce in the market. In present agricultural marketing system a no. of middle men are involved till the produce reaches the final consumer, as a result the farmer gets only 30 to 35% of the every rupee paid by the consumer.
Farmer's market (Shetkari Bazar) is a concept of direct marketing, by producer (farmer) to consumers. By circumventing the intermediateries, the produce reaches in good shape with minimum handling. This results in better price realisation for farmer producer and good quality produce to consumer at reasonably lower prices. This type of marketing has been tried out in the State of Andhra Pradesh (known as Raitu Bazar). This is expected to help small farmers with small quantity of perishable, fruits and vegetables get fair price and escape commercial exploitation in the market place.
As per Government resolution No. APMC- 1099/P.C.305/11-C dated 2nd July 2002, Govt. of Maharashtra has decided to set up Shetkari Bazars in the State and the MSAMB has been appointed as nodal agency for implementing this scheme. The Shetkari Bazars in all District and key taluka places by APMCs from the area and the produce brought by farmers will not be levied cess. As per this resolution a state level committee is setup under the chairmanship of Hon. Minister of Marketing, Govt. of Maharashtra, for implementation and monitoring of this scheme. The district level committees are also setup under the chairmanship of respective district collectors.
Objectives of Shetkari Bazar
  • To help farmers to get the reasonable rates to their produce.
  • To benefit consumers by giving him fresh produce at reasonable prices.
  • Immediate value realisation of the produce to the farmers without any deductions.
  • To provide produce in appropriate weights and measures to consumer.
  • To bring Producers and Consumers together to avoid chain of middlemen.
The minimum required facilities that need to be made available to the farmers and consumers in the Shetkari Baazar are as follows:
  1. The covered sale platforms (Ottas) of 6'x 8' Size for the farmers. These ottas will be made available to the farmers on "first come first serve basis".
  2. Drinking Water Supply.
  3. Parking area.
  4. Garbage disposal arrangements.
  5. Office for the supervising staff of APMC.
  6. Ladies and Gents Toilet.
  7. Vegetable washing Platform.
  8. Grocery Shop.
  9. Shop for Agricultural Inputs.
  10. Canteen
  11. Telephone Booth.
  12. Compound Wall.
It is proposed to set up Shetkari Bazars in the state in following three phases:
  • In first phase the Shetkari Bazars will be et up at all districts head quarters in the state
  • In second phase the Shetkari Bazars will be set up in the cities where the population is more then 1 lac.
  • In third phase the Shetkari Bazars will be set up in all importants cities in the state.
The MSAMBh as a planned setting up of 100 Shetkari Bazars in the State within next two years. The cost of setting up Shetkari Bazar is around Rs. 20 to 25 Lakhs. MSAMB is providing subsidised interest loan up to 50% of the total subject to maximum of Rs. 10 Lakhs per beneficiary. The rate of interest for this loan is 5% p.a. with 10 years pay back period. To avail this loan the APMC has to submit the proposal to MSAMB along with detailed plan and estimate and get prior approval for the same before starting the construction.
For speedy construction of shetkari bazars, the Directorate of Marketing, Govt. of Maharashtra, has conveyed its general sanction to all the APMCs for setting up shetkari bazars required under clause no.12(1) of Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation Act of 1963 subject to total cost below Rs. 30 Lakhs vide its office order dated 15 March 2002.
As on now, the MSAMB has received 80 proposals for setting up shetkari bazars by APMCs. The latest position of these proposals is as follows:

  • No. of Proposals received                = 80
  • Proposals approved by MSAMB        = 38
  • Construction completed                   = 18 
  • Construction under progress            = 08
  • Construction yet to be started          = 12
  • Shetkari Bazars in operation            = 05           

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