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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nagpur RTO Learning Licence Online Appointment -

Nagpur RTO Learning Licence Online Appointment  -

Nagpur RTO Learning Licence Online Appointment

From 1 September 2014 Nagpur RTO Office has make Online Appointment Compulsory For getting the Learning Licence. For getting a Learning License Candidate Must Take Online Appointment & then only appear at RTO Office Nagpur. 

How to get appointment For Learning Licence Nagpur RTO :

We are happy to inform you that Regional Transport Office, Andheri (West Zone) from the 30 th December 2013 onwards has introduced an on-line appointment facility for the applicants of Learners Licence (LL). This on-line appointment module has been implemented to assist the applicant to get an appointment (Token number) as per convenient date and time slot suitable to them during RTO hours, by visiting our website from the convenience of their homes or offices. Nagpur RTO Make Online Appointment Compulsory From 1 September 2014. So You must Register First from following given link & then only Appear for the Learning Licence Process At RTO Office Nagpur. 

To book an appointment the applicant has to visit the Motor Vehicle Departments’ official website ,click on the link on the left side of screen Appointment For Learning Licence. Only up to 400 appointments are allotted each working day, for the various time slots between 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. The applicant can choose date & time as per their convenience by submitting the filled in e-form provided. On successful submission of e-form, the applicant will get an acknowledgment on his email id.

  • How to download Learning Licence Forms and appointment receipt ?
On receiving the confirmation email from Regional Transport Office,Nagpur RTO the applicant should download the following:
• Appointment Receipt
• Form No. 2
• Form 1 (Physical fitness declaration)
• Form 1-A (Medical certificate to be certified by a medical practitioner
   having educational qualification not below M.B.B.S., only in case of application for Transport Licence &  for the transport having age above 50 years).

After downloading the above documents, applicant should fill up the relevant information and affix relevant signatures at the places mentioned on these forms.

The applicant should remain present at the Regional Transport Office on the date and half an hour prior to the allotted time slot.

Applicant should carry the mentioned forms in original along with copy of the following:
• Appointment (Token number) receipt.
• Proof of address, age, nationality documents.
• Two passport size photographs.

An Asst / Inspector of Motor Vehicle would verify the documents.
In case the applicant is not present as per date and time allocated, the claim of such appointment will not be accepted later. In such a case the applicant will have to take a new on-line appointment In case of emergency or in case government declares a holiday or if the RTO office is not working due to any reasons on a particular day, the appointments for that day will be considered on next working day, once the regular appointments of that day are completed.

How to cancel the appointment ?

If an applicant wants to cancel their appointment, they could cancel the same 48 hours prior to their allotted appointment.
Following is procedure to cancel appointment.
a) Please check appointment confirmation e-mail with subject "Appointment details for Learning License Test"
b) At end of the e-mail message, there is link to cancel appointment. Please click on the same link

If the applicant wishes to postpone their appointment, they need to first cancel the earlier appointment and then choose a new date.
How to go through Learners Licence procedure ?

On getting confirmed online appointment for Learners Licence, applicant will have to remain present at the Learner Licence section, Ground Floor of the new building, half an hour prior to the allotted time. Applicant will then have to go through the following steps:

  • (A) Verification of documents and physical fitness declaration i.e. eye vision, color blindness etc.
  • (B) Payment of fees
  • (C) Data entry
  • (D) Biometrics (Digital photographs, signature, thumb impression capturing)
  • (E) Road safety education and test preparation
  • (F) On-line computer test of preliminary knowledge of Traffic signs etc. (20 questions - objective test on screen)

Rejection or issuance of licence is done on spot, based on your test results.
Issuance of Learning Licence

Once the test results are declared, only those who have scored 12 or more points are declared passed, those who have failed may reappear for the test, after 7 days from the date of the test.

Successful candidates will receive their Learner Licence within 10 minutes and on the spot. The learner licence holder should appear for the test of competence for obtaining the permanent licence after 30 days and within 6 months from issue of Learner Licence. LL is valid for 6 months and cannot be renewed. On expiry of the Learner Licence, the holder will have to re-apply for new learners licence.

All applicants having jurisdiction under the Regional Transport Office, Andheri (West Zone) are hereby requested to make best use of the newly implemented appointment system and assist this office in creating a transparent and efficient licence system based on eligibility.
Practice for test

Test practice facility is available on our official website. Applicants can click on learner licence test and take a practice the test, prior to appearing for the actual test. 

Important Links to Apply Online For Learning Licence From Nagpur RTO is given below : 

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