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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Indian Railway 17 SuperFast Trains Running Late

Indian Railway 17 SuperFast Trains Running Late

TRAIN services on Nagpur-Itarsi-Nagpur route in Nagpur Division of Central Railway were crippled on Saturday taking its toll on commuters who faced severe inconvenience. Post derailment of a coal rake at Ghoradongri. the Overhead Equipment (OHE) in the Ghoradongri yard was damaged resulting in disruption of power supply. The Grand Trunk route re-opened for train traffic on Saturday at 5 pin. approximately 19 hours after the derailment.
The cause of Friday night accident is still under investigation hut it left the railway officials red-faced. For Central Railway this is second big mishap, the first was the derailment of Diva passenger in Ratnagiri. 
Meanwhile, movement of long distance trains got slowed down as the critical section was not available for service. About 17 Superfast Express trains were reported running late and three trains including Rajdhani, a premium train and Duranto Express were diverted through Bhusawal route to avoid piling-up. Nagpur-Bhusawal Express and Chhindawada-Amla Express were reportedly cancelled.
 SuperFast Trains Running Late Details, Canceled Train Details 2014

Central Railway have directed probe into the matter. A junior administrative grade (JAG) inquiry has been ordered. The inquiry committee will probe the reasons that led to mishap and submit its findings. Prima facie, Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board appears to be at fault and it is being suspected that the goods train derailed due to excess amount of coal loaded in the train. Sources informed that die goods train with 20 wagons of coal was heading towards Ghoradongri station after it was loaded at Sarni coalfields when the accident occurred. The coal laden wagons suddenly rolled back at 9.45 pm and hit the OHE pole resulting in damage to wires. The accident led to derailing of train movement on busiest Grand Trunk route between Itarsi and Nagpur as OHE on UP and DN line has suffered severe damages.
The coal wagon hits two OHE poles when it rolled backwards and the high voltage wires were broken and fell down on track. The wire also got entangled in locomotive of Secunderabad-Gorakhpur Express which was just entering the station and just three of its coaches managed to enter the platform.

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