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Friday, April 11, 2014

Assets, Property of Narendra Modi

Assets, Property of Narendra Modi

BJP's PM nominee Narendra Modi, who is contesting from Vadodara Lok Sabha seat in Gujarat, has declared his total assets at Rs 1.51 crore and he does not own any vehicle.
As per his affidavit filed along with the nomination papers on Wednesday, Modi declared his mov-able assets at Rs 51.57.582 which include cash in banks and fixed deposits, cash in hand at Rs 29.700 and valuation of four rings at Rs 1.35 lakh. Modi doesn't own any vehicle and lias not bought any jewellery in the last two years.
Modi owns a residential house in Gandhinagar. worth around Rs 1 crore and does not own any other property or land besides this house, the declaration says.
The affidavit gives Modi's income as per the IT return he had filed for financial year 2012-13 at Rs 4,54,094, while as per the declaration he had filed ahead of 2012 Assembly polls. Modi'sincome stood at Rs 1,50,630 for financial year 2011 -12. The total assets declared by Modi in 2012 stood at Rs 1,33 crore and he had cash of Rs 4,700 in hand then. Modi's movable assets as per his  2012  affidavit  stood  at   Rs 33,42,842.
As per the 2014 declaration. Modi added more than Rs 18 lakh in his financial investments, such as cash in bank, fixed deposits and saving schemes, in the last two years.

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