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Friday, November 1, 2013

Medical PG students get their way in valuation 'two'

BOWING 10 the pressure of a group of students hacked by Nationalist Congress Party' (NCP). Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has changed its stand on valuation of Post Graduate Medical examination system. The students got their demand fulfilled and now among the marks given by two valuers, the higher marks would be considered. But this decision would be applicable for the exam conducted in the year 2013 only. The decision regarding valuation would be taken later on.
Till last year, the facility of revaluation was provided to the students. The valuation and revaluation was done at regional level. The issue of valuation gol momentum when MUHS received the complaints regarding earlier valuation system. So MUHS has decided lo skip the revaluation and instead the valuation would be done twice by two different persons. It was also decided to conduct valuation centrally in Central Assessment Process (CAP). The two valuers would check the answer sheet of one students separately and the average of the marks allotted by them would be considered. Through this process, valuation was done and around 50 per cent students have failed.

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