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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alia Bhatt Details, Photos, Wallpapers, Advice

Alia Bhatt Details, Photos, Wallpapers, Advice

Alia Bhatt 2013 Wall HD

IN SPITE of barely being a film old. actress Alia Bhait seems 10 have found her place in filmdom. Now. ihe Student of The Keflractress dreams of having her own accessories and cloihes brand one day.
"Having your own brand requires a lot of guts. I would love to do it someday... launch my own accessories or clothes brand." she Alia IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.Alia Bhait said that her own brand value has to be thai accessible for her fashion label to work. "I will work on it every time I gel an opportunity." Alia Bhait added.
Bright colours being in vogue during winter. Alia says that these shades have entered every sphere of fashion, not jusi clothes.
"Right now the play of colours is in. It is happening everywhere, clothes and even umbrellas. The easiest way to play with colours is on your nails." said Alia, who recently launched a new range of nail paints. Color Show, by Maybelline. "Beinga youngster basically meaas don't limit yourself to a particular colour or range. Just go all out." Alia Bhait added. Fashion also means glowing skin. Spending time in front of the camera and applying heavy makeups do take a toll on actors' skin.

"We use a lot of make-up and products, which does tire the skin. On a non-shooting day. Alia Bhait don't wear any base or make-up." she said. "Also. I just wash my face thrice a day. And do the usual things... 1 love drinking a lot of water, which always helps. Then Alia Bhait eat vitamins for my skin, hair and nails." added the actress whose upcoming films arc Highway and 2 States.

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