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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lakhs connect Online with Sri Sri Ravishankar

Lakhs connect Online with Sri Sri Ravishankar

THIS will go down as an unique face to face between the ancient and modern. When renowned humanitarian and founder of the Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar took to Facebook with a live event on Sunday, the modern social network turned into a lively global platform for seeking solace, guidance and action from the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom. Lakhs of people also participated in a meditation led by Sri Sri.
The interaction focused on issues ranging from love, relationships, maintaining faith in times of calamities, addictions, depression, success and societal violence. Live stream reported that 148 countries were logged in to chat for Face 2 Face with Sri Sri. In his pragmatic style. Sri Sri offered solutions that were universal and farsighted. To a question from a civil society group in Pakistan on how to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan, he emphasized the need for educating the masses about the oneness of the creation. "We are a one world family. Our first and foremost identity is that we are part of life. The rest of our identities are secondary," he told. On a question from a group of Art of Living volunteers engaged in relief missions in Uttarakhand on how to instill faith in people who have lost everything while on a pilgrimage, he advised them to see the calamities in a holistic way and keep taith. "God and Nature are always impartial. God is not only in Kedamath; lie is everywhere." Sri Sri regretted that pilgrim centres in India have been neglected for long and emphasised on having a better infrastructure. He also voiced his concern on die negligence of environment at these places. He shared how Art of Living volunteers have spontaneously responded 10 ihe situation, by rushing in all possible aids. "These are the limes that test our humanness. We must extend our hand to those who need us." He also lauded the effort of defense personnel and volunteers of other NGOs who are doing a tremendous work of providing relief to stranded people.

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