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Monday, April 1, 2013

How to use Set top Box with OLD TV ( Old Television Set)

How to use Set top Box with OLD TV ( Old Television Set) 

Old TV Without AV Input Use Set Top Box | Using Set top box with Old Television | Set top box on Old Television.

STB will work well with new television sets that have more than 100 channels. Old television sets did not have more than 15 or 30 channels. In case of such television sets, one will have to get help of converter to increase number of channels and then install STB. Also in market Digital to Analog Converters Available So if your TV Don't have AV Input You can use this converters which are available at coast of 300 to 500 in market by which you can use Set top box. However, this may not be applicable in case of all television sets. With STB. one may be able to watch 500 channels, depending upon package subscribed.

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