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Monday, September 24, 2012

Avishkar 2012-13 Mumbai University

Avishkar 2012-13 Mumbai University

Inter‐Collegiate Research Convention “Avishkar 2012‐13.”

The six categories are as follows:
Category 1: Humanities, Languages and Fine Arts etc.
A.  Conventional University
(a) Social Sciences (b) Education, (c) Languages, (d) Fine Arts (e) Home‐Economics
B.  Agricultural University
(a) Agricultural Extension
C.  Health University
(a) Preventive Medicine
D.  Animal Husbandry
(a) Veterinary Extension
Category 2: Commerce, Management and Law.
A.  Conventional University
(a) Commerce (b) Management (c) Law
B.  Agricultural University
(a) Agricultural Economics
C.  Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
(a) Veterinary Economics and Statistics (b) Live Stock Product Management
D.  Health Husbandry
(a) Forensic Medicine
Category 3 : Pure Sciences
A.  Conventional University
(a) Physical Sciences (b)  Soil Sciences (c) Home Sciences
B.  Agricultural University
(a)  Agriculture Botany (b) Soil Sciences (c) Biotechnology
C.  Maharashtra University of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
(a)  Autonomy (b) Physiology (c) Bio‐chemistry (d) Genetics (e) Microbiology
D.  Health University
(a) Anatomy (b) Physiology (c) Bio‐Chemistry )d) Microbiology (d) Biotechnology
Category 4: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
A.  Conventional University
B.  Agricultural University
(a) Horticulture (b)  Agronomy (c) Pathology (d) Entomology

C.  Animal Husbandry and fisheries
Area other than included in other categories  
D.  Health University  
(a) Biophysics  (b) Biomedical (c) Biosensors
Category 5: Engineering and Technology
A.  Conventional University
All Branches of Engineering and Technology
B.  Agricultural University
(a)  Agriculture engineering (b) Food Technology
C.  Animal Husbandry
Dairy Technology
D.  Health University
 (a) Biophysics (b) Biomedical (c) Biosensors
Category 6 : Medicine and Pharmacy
A.  Conventional University
All Branches of Pharmacy
B.  Agricultural University
C.  Animal Husbandry
(a) Veterinary  Medicine  (b)  Preventive  Medicine  (c)  Epidemiology  (d)  Veterinary
D.  Health University
E.  Nil

7.  Each College/ Department/ Institution  is requested to send as many entries as possible
per category per  level; of Under Graduate (UG), Post Graduate (PG) and at Doctoral and
Teachers pursuing their research.
8.  Category‐wise entry hard copy to be submitted to the office of the DSW OR soft copy of the
project  should  be  mailed  on  Email mentioning the following.
a.  Title and abstract of the project: (250 Words)
b.  Name of the participant
c.  Their level UG / PG / Ph D/ Teachers pursuing Ph.D:
9.  The research project to be presented should be in the form of a poster  (with / without a
model) and an oral presentation  (transparency / power point),  soft copy  to be mailed  to
the  Director  of  Students Welfare  (Email  ID:‐022‐

List of the Centers and Dates for Qualifying  Rounds:
SINDHUDURG CENTRE:   26th November,2012 (All Categories)
Shri Pancham Khemraj College,  Sawantwadi, Dist: Sindhidurg  
RATNAGIRI CENTRE:  26th November,2012 (All Categories)
                                                       New Education Society, College of Arts, Commerce & Science,
                                                 Lanja, Dist. Ratnagiri.
RAIGAD CENTRE:      29th November,2012 (All Categories)
Veer Wajekar College, Phunde, Dist. Raigad


1.  26th November,2012 :   Category3 ‐   Pure Sciences
2.  27th November 012:    Category2‐  Commerce, Management and Law
3.  28th November,2012:  Category6‐  Medicine and Pharmacy
4.  29th November,2012:  Category1‐  Humanities, Languages, Fine Art Etc.
5.  30th November,2012:  Category4‐  Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
6.  2nd   December,2012:   Category5‐  Engineering and Technology

Venue: Marshall Hall, WRIC, Phirozshah Mehta Bhavan, University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari
Campus, Santacruz, (East), Mumbai‐ 400 098.
(For the above categories)
3RD to  8TH December, 2012
Venue: Marshall Hall, WRIC, Phirozshah Mehta Bhavan, University of Mumbai,
Vidyanagari Campus, Santacruz, (East), Mumbai­ 400 098.

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