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Sunday, March 4, 2012

COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION IGNOU B.Ed Question Papers 2007 Download


Term-End Examination
Time : 3 hours Maximum Weightage : 70%

(i) All the four questions are compulsory.
(ii)All questions carry equal Weightage.

1. Answer the following question in about 600 words :

What is a question bank ? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of question bank in the context of computerised question banks. What are various issues that are to be considered in planning a computerised question bank in your subject of specialisation?


Explain Management Information System (MIS) and its significance in educational planning. Discuss the advantages of the use of computers in MIS.

2. Answer the following question in about 600 words.

Discuss the process of development schedule along with various steps required in creating documentation. Illustrate your answer with suitable example.


Describe programmed learning, its principles and types in the context of development of courseware, with examples.

3. Answer any four of the following in about 150 words each :

(i) Discuss the precautions and promises one has to consider in implementation of Computer Based
Instruction (CBI) practices.

(ii) Discuss the rolle of Intelligent Tutoring System (lTS) in teaching.

(iii) Explain the role of media in the selection, design and development of CBI courseware.

(iv) Describe four components useful in the courseware evaluation.

(v) Discuss briefly the need and requirements in writing specific objectives in designing CBI cours eware.

(vi) Discuss briefly student performance record interface.

4. Answer the following question in about 600 words:

You have to select computer softwares for classroom teaching in any one of your teaching subjects. Discuss the criteria for software selection considering the various steps you would like to consider for this purpose. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples

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